Yes, I Am Still Alive. No, I Did Not Have A Baby… So Where Have I Been??

Wake Up

First I think I got some splainin’ to do. Ok, So I started this here blog two years ago when my now three year olds were just barely one. We had also just moved into our house which needed some serious decorating love. All of that rolled quiet nicely into a furniture/ lifestyle blog! And I L.O.V.E.D it. Still do. It gave this cooped up stay-at-home mom of three a creative outlet, friends, and the ability to share my painting techniques with people who REALLY CARED! Try talking about your antiquing glaze techniques with a bunch of non-bloggers. Yikes! The blank stares….

Laundry Tips For A Family Of Five

Laundry Tips

Keeping our laundry under control is huge. There is nothing worse than getting the kids up and ready for school only to find that they don’t have any clean clothes to wear. With three messy boys that equals a huge job. So I thought I would share with you our tips for keeping the laundry […]

How To Stop The Television Game In Your House

Boys Playing

I have a confession. Sometimes my boys are so crazy and won’t calm down unless I turn on a show and let them watch television. Is this my idea of good parenting? Well… I questioned my behavior every time I did it. But I justified it in my head. Then I would start to feel […]

How To Keep Your House In Order

Clean Kitchen

I am one who struggles to keep my house together. I love it when everything has a place and it stays that way but the reality is to keep it looking good it takes planning. I believe that your house should rise up to meet you when you walk through the door, thanks Nate Berkus. […]

Why I Make The Choices I Do- Does It Really Matter?

What Would Your Children Chose?

Today is the perfect day to share with you why I live my life the way I do. I decided when I had children that I wanted to give the healthiest environment that I possibly could  so that they could thrive. I cook almost every meal, from scratch. We eat very few prepackaged foods because […]

Meet the Ladies

Giant Dog and Baby Chicks

All of the ladies are settling in well. The boys adore them, and I have to say I thing they are pretty awesome too. So far the names are Chicky, Juicy, Pecky, and Ayla. I love how the boys are trying to be so gentle. And of course our dog Harry had to meet his […]

How To Prepare For Baby Chickens


If you follow me on Facebook then you know our ladies are moving in this week. We are expecting several of the feathered variety 2 Welsummers, 2 golden laced Wyondottes, 1 Partridge Rock, and 1 Barred Rock. We have to pick them up at the post office as soon as they come in. They will […]

Casual Elegance- Entryway Before & After

Entrway- Before & After

Almost 2 and a half years ago I started working on this entry way. I don’t know why it has been such a struggle for me but I think I finally have it the way that I like it. Casual but with a touch of elegance.

All Natural Odor Eliminator

Natural Oder Eliminators

I spent the week doing some much needed spring cleaning and went crazy on the garage and car. I had some seriously disgusting before shots for you all to ohh and ahh over. But wouldn’t you know I took them with my iPhone and then it died. Sooooo no pictures. Sorry, anyway the car looks […]

How To Remove Rust From Stainless Steel

clean chair base

When you are perusing craigslist and thrift stores for the perfect chair to makeover sometimes we can be deterred by the site of a little rust on the stainless steel areas. You can always pick up some spray paint but the colour is never exact. Another option, and one that is 1) much easier, 2) […]

Spring Cleaning For Charity


If you remember this time last year, I hosted a Spring Clean For Charity Link Party, where we added up everything we were able to donate. It added up to A LOT. I love what we can all do when we put out minds to it. Go Lady Blog Power!  Anyway we couldn’t let this […]

Eames Style Chair- A Makeover

Eames Style Chair

A few weeks ago  a client brought me this awesome chair. She was covered in black vinyl, had lost her tufts, and the bottom of the chair and ottoman were all rusted. I also had to replace the tilting mechanism. If you were sitting in the chair and leaned back you would be on the […]

March Announcements

before and after

Happy almost spring everyone! I have been so busy the last month and finally able to get back to business. We are looking forward to our new chicks arriving in a few weeks and are ordering their little house. SQUEEEEL! I am so excited. I hope they like it. I am working on a few […]

The Business of Motherhood- Official Launch!


  I am so excited to officially announce that my big girl business, The Business of Motherhood is live and ready for you to take a peek! Over the last month I have been putting this business and website together and now after much sweat and tears it is ready for action. This is a place […]

How To Remove Paint From Furniture Hardware

Hutch Makeover

How to Remove paint from hardware without toxic chemicals

I’m BAAACK- Eames Chair Makeover

Eames Chair

Upcoming client work includes this amazing Eames chair inspired by a lovely fabric featured in the New York Times

5 Steps To Completely De-Clutter & Clean A Bedroom


I had been ignoring the disaster growing in the boy’s rooms. We have been so busy lately with school and work that things have fallen into a mess. So this week I decided it was time to dive in. I refuse to spend all day buried in the closets but I if I am going […]

Organize Your Email Inbox By Turning Off Your Smart Phone

Empty In- box

Time to come clean folks. What does your email look like? When was the last time you had an empty inbox? I know all to well how quickly it can get out of hand. In an average day I get well over 100 emails. I won’t even tell you how many separate email accounts I […]

Perfect Snow or Rain Day Snack

Banana Strawberry Muffins

  The weather has been CARAZY around here. Usually by the end of January the ground has been frozen for months and we haven’t seen the grass since November. But this year has been full of rain and temperatures in the 40′s. Anyway, on this rainy day I was feeling like a little baking so […]

Letting Go Of Supermom

Today Dr. Meredith Hansen a clinical psychologist and relationship expert. Is guest posting today!  Take it away Dr Hansen… It isn’t easy having it all, but as modern women, we tend to think we can and should. Over the past few decades we’ve grown accustomed to an unrealistic image of a ‘supermom’ that often leaves […]