How To Stop The Television Game In Your House

I have a confession. Sometimes my boys are so crazy and won’t calm down unless I turn on a show and let them watch television. Is this my idea of good parenting? Well… I questioned my behavior every time I did it. But I justified it in my head.

Then I would start to feel guilty and so I tried to put limits on the T.V. time. Which always turned into an argument. This dynamic was driving me crazy. So you know what I did last week? I unplugged it and told the kids it was broken, ipad too.

Admittedly I was bracing for some STRONG opinions and reactions. But guess what? The T.V. has been off for a week. A WEEK! Can you believe it? And they are playing together without fighting. I used to turn the T.V. on so get them to stop fighting, who knew the television was CAUSING the fighting.

And it has helped me as well. Since I know the T.V. in unplugged when I come down after they are asleep I don’t plop myself in front of it. Because honestly I am too lazy to plug it in.

I always knew that T.V wasn’t the best, but I justified it all the time. Truly it is an amazing transformation.

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  1. Danielle says:

    I don’t think that means you are lazy! It just means you know it’s not worth the effort. Reading your posts is like a glimpse into my life, some things are a step right ahead of where I am and other times, it’s like you’ve crawled inside my head and know my thoughts!

    Every time my kids watch tv, I worry they are getting too much. My oldest bores easily and tv is one of the things that keeps him occupied. I feel horrible even saying that but I’ve tried to think of other activities for him to do while I’m cooking or doing some other necessary chore but I haven’t thought of anything yet. He doesn’t know how to play on his own and my husband blames himself for being too involved when he was an infant. Crazy that you could be too involved but what he means is, he never learned to play by himself. Our youngest child is much better at it though, so I guess 50% isn’t bad!

    Our youngest is still a little too young for them to actually play together quite yet but I want to make sure I’m making the correct strides now so that when they are old enough, they can play without ripping each others heads off, yelling, or complaining all the time.

    I haven’t gotten to the point where I want to unplug the tv at our house but I will admit I wouldn’t mind if my mom would consider it when she has the boys!

  2. A couple years ago I convinced my husband that we should ditch our TV entirely because I knew I would keep falling back on it to occupy our now 4.5 year old whenever I felt stressed to get something done. That did help for a while and it was so liberating! I don’t miss it one bit.

    Now we have two kids, and the internet has found another way to provide cartoons…Netflix and YouTube. I’m struggling to get them away from it, and sometimes I turn to it as a babysitter way more than I would like to admit. I am angry with myself for letting it be a problem again. My two year old even asks for TV shows the moment she gets up….ugh.

    However, this post inspires me…I think my laptop will be “broken” this week and hopefully for quite some time afterwards :) .

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