March Announcements

Happy almost spring everyone! I have been so busy the last month and finally able to get back to business. We are looking forward to our new chicks arriving in a few weeks and are ordering their little house. SQUEEEEL! I am so excited.

Backyard Chickens

I hope they like it.

I am working on a few custom orders and have some great posts coming up this week,

1) How to remove rust from vintage furniture without harsh chemicals.

2) How to add Tufting

3) Before & After Hutch Makeover- Making the Most of What You Have.

4) Eames Chair Reveal

Also, let’s not forget our March Updates!

March is the last month to join the Cinch Transformation Program. It is the best deal EVER. 

When You Commit to change your body and BUY 3 MONTHS YOU GET THE 4TH MONTH FREE!

Designed to help you to keep muscle you have, burn fat you don’t want,
and lose inches you don’t need. Clinically tested. Customer proven.
And at less than $3 per meal, you’re looking at a leaner body and a
fatter wallet.

Member Price: $299.95 for an entire month + you will get an addition $100 dollars worth of Cinch products free with your order over $70 and a new membership.

before and after

You can read my weight-loss story HERE. And learn More about the program HERE.

So far in the last 2 months we have watched our members drop a crazy amount of weight. I have been so impressed with everyone’s motivation to change!

And ya’ll are going to look great for spring break and summer. A bunch of hot mama’s.

Also Spring Time is when we are all getting ready to spring clean the house! WOHOO, I love this time of year. Truth be told last week I rented a dumpster and cleaned out the basement and garage. SO AWESOME.

Here are a few of my favorite cleaning and organizing posts.


5 Steps To a Neater House

5 Steps To De-Clutter a Bedroom

How To Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

How To Organize Your Linen Closet

And don’t forget to get your house REALLY clean so get rid of all of those yucky chemicals and start fresh with the Starter Kit. This is the kit I started with and recommend to everyone. It’s a great way to get started.

Here are two quick videos of me using my favorite two products.

Don’t forget through the end of March you will received $100 in Cinch products free with a new membership and purchase of $70 or more. 

See you next week and have a FABULOUS weekend!



  1. Linda says:

    When you order your hen house, be sure it is easy to clean. Ours is on the small side and adults cannot stand up in it to clean isas well as I would like it done. Since I am down to 2 chickens, it is fine being small but have had up to 10 chickens in it and they got along fine. Good luck with your chickens. I lost some to an animal that dug under the fence; 2 left were tramatized for a few days (no eggs) but after 4-5 days started laying again.

  2. Anon says:

    I hope you have a permit for them

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